Gameplays 2048

Barbie’s Careers

Barbie has reached that point in her life when she has to start a career! Over the years when she was growing up, Barbie fancied becoming a cook, a pet doctor, flight assistant or joining the Navy. These are the careers she would like to pursue but she can choose only one. Barbie has a dilemma, she does not know which one suits her the best. Help her dress up as a chef, doctor, flight assistant and Navy officer and maybe this way she will know which occupation to choose. Start with the military look and pick a pair of pants, a shirt, boots and all the needed accessories. For the chef look pick a cute dress and an apron. A pet doctor has to wear something white and comfy and a flight assistant has to look very chic and elegant. Maybe with your help Barbie will know which career to pursue. Have fun!