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The prom is a very exciting moment in every girls life and for Barbie it’s a special occasion to get dressed in glamorous outfits and get a very cute manicure. For prom she has decided to custom make nails polishes and for that she will need a great selection of base colors and incredible patterns. Join her in the Barbie Prom Nails Designer and help her create a great selection of nail polishes and to choose the best outfit. Pick a purple mermaid dress, a pair of pink shoes and a great clutch for her prom outfit. For the nail polish creation you can mix and match colors and patterns from the palette. There are twenty colors and twenty patterns, so the options are endless. Create as many nail polishes and add them to the collection. Next, pick the nail shape for Barbie, which can be square, rounded or pointed. Use the nail polish brush to add the color to the nails. In Barbie Prom Nails Designer you can create unique manicure by mixing and matching nail polishes. After the application , you can further customize the design with now, flower or heart stickers. Add some rings on the fingers and the prom prep it’s done. Have fun playing Barbie Prom Nails Designer!