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You are playing Hello Kitty Shoes Designer

We have a great new idea for you and I am sure you will adore it. We want to help you create the most amazing pair of shoes, inspired by the very cute Hello Kitty. Don’t waste time and begin the game called Hello Kitty Shoes Designer and use all your creativity. The first step is choosing the style of the shoes. You can try a cute pair of pumps or a pair of ankle boots. Choose the style you prefer best and then use the pencil to draw the outline of the shoe on paper. Connect all the dots to complete the design. In Hello Kitty Shoes Designer you can use a pair of scissors to cut the stickers, which you will later use to decorate the shoes. Follow the dotted line and cut with care to make sure you don’t damage them. In Hello Kitty Shoes Designer you can decorate the shoes with colors, patterns, stickers and bows. Apply a nice pink color on the shoe by using the brush and a patterns with bows on top. Apply the stickers with bows, Hello Kitty logos and ice cream all over the shoes. Finish the design with a red bow. Enjoy the game called Hello Kitty Shoes Designer!